Slices - Diana Jones

All us have stories that are waiting to be told. Each story, or slice of our life, offers a glimpse of how we have been shaped, what matters to us, and why it matters. 

The truth about God that was revealed to me is that He is my Heavenly Father.

The first representation of God is your earthly father. My father was a wounded man who womanized, drank, was angry, and gave his love conditionally. So growing up I had learned to live a performance-oriented life. For instance, I lived at home with my sister. She was skinny and I was chubby so he showed her off to his friends during parties and ignored me. With that being said, I struggled with severe low self-esteem. It wasn't until I gave my heart to God, Christ, and His Holy Spirit that I started to learn what a real father was.

Yet when I was younger, I struggled with God because 1) When I’d fall short, I thought he was angry with me and 2) I thought I wasn't “good enough” and had to perform for His love

As I matured in my faith, I learned:

1) that as my Heavenly Father, He is my deliverer who rescued me from the lies of satan.

2) He has adopted me into His family

3) His love is unconditional; it overwhelms and ministers to me

4) He’s not angry with me

5) I am accepted

6) He is to be trusted and

7) He heals the brokenhearted.

Because of this truth, I know who I am today. I can look in the mirror and love God's cherished daughter and say…she's beautiful.

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