Slices - Barbara Sonin-Robbins

All us have stories that are waiting to be told. Each story, or slice of our life, offers a glimpse of how we have been shaped, what matters to us, and why it matters. 

I have learned that I am happy to share. Encouraging others is really important to me because I love people. God has created me to be a writer and I'm learning to express that through my experiences.

As a hairstylist I have the opportunity to meet and speak with many people. A young woman, who came into my salon after receiving a diagnosis of untreatable cancer. I shared with her that God alone knows when a person will die. She left feeling loved by God and hopeful, that no matter what happened, God was in charge and she could turn to Him.

I told her about the miracle that my three-year-old son, experienced. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1974 and it was predicted that he only had a year or two. Today he is alive. And, in fact, he turned 44 years old on March 5th, the day of the Your Story Your Influence Retreat... and I can celebrate that.

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