Slices - Faith Blasi

All us have stories that are waiting to be told. Each story, or slice of our life, offers a glimpse of how we have been shaped, what matters to us, and why it matters. At our March 5th Your Story Your Influence Retreat we will explore what it means to discover your story, embrace it, and share it with others. Here is a sample of what you'll have for yourself at the end of our next Women of Influence Event. 

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To be honest, there have only been two or three moments in my life when I felt CERTAIN that what I was doing, I was created to do. The first was when I discovered that God had made me a teacher. The second, is when I learned that God had made me a Mommy. A Mother. Those were the two times that I felt so confident in every move and situation, confident that if I didn’t know the answer I could find it. And whatever decision I made would be the best decision. And it would be great. They are not single moments, but rather ongoing moments of knowing I am doing exactly what I was created to do. And yet, neither were something that I had always dreamed of doing. No one ever could have told me how great having these little angels in my life would be. I had always been rather nonchalant about kids and marriage, thinking “if it happens, it happens.” Then I got married, and of course everyone starts asking, “when are you going to have children?” And I used to think, what a crazy thing to ask. Why do people always try to rush things? And then I had them, and I realized, maybe not for everyone, but at least for the people who had children, THEY had found out that having children is the single greatest thing that can happen to you on this earth. It is better than any of the seven wonders, then any promotion, any great work of art you could create, better than any house or car, or any group of friends you could have, or any celebrity you might achieve. And the only people who might argue that, or protest that there is something greater, are the people who have never had them. 

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