Slices - Wodline Hippolyte

All us have stories that are waiting to be told. Each story, or slice of our life, offers a glimpse of how we have been shaped, what matters to us, and why it matters. At our March 5th Your Story Your Influence Retreat we will explore what it means to discover your story, embrace it, and share it with others. Here is a sample of what you'll have for yourself at the end of our next Women of Influence Event. 

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God is my Provider. I always knew that He was a Provider, but I never fully acknowledged that for myself. I first discovered this nearly four years ago when I was going through a painful season in my marriage. The transition from being married to a divorced single parent caused financial hardship in my life. At the time it felt like God wasn’t hearing my prayers. I felt every time I walked out of one storm I was walking into another. I felt I could never get a break. I felt He forgot about me. I didn’t understand why me, His faithful servant wasn’t experiencing a breakthrough. I then realized my prayers were being answered, but not in the time frame or way I wanted them to. God always showed up on time and provided for me. He even used people I least expected to bless me and my son. Through this experience I have learned to trust that God will supply all of my needs and that there is no need for me to worry.

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