Slices - Kimberly Amici

All us have stories that are waiting to be told. Each story, or slice of our life, offers a glimpse of how we have been shaped, what matters to us, and why it matters. At our March 5th Your Story Your Influence Retreat we will explore what it means to discover your story, embrace it, and share it with others. Here is a sample of what you'll have for yourself at the end of our next Women of Influence Event. 

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Over the past 3 years, I have slowly come to realize that I was made to create. You would think this one would have been easy for me to realize because I have always been artistically talented. However, it wasn’t. I spent many years wanting to be someone else. Smarter. More athletic. More buttoned up. There were times when people wanted me to be different too. I wanted to please them. It wasn’t until recently when my husband and I sat down to write down our family mission statement that I realized celebrating life and creating beauty as important to me. If I take a look back over my life I can see that it always brought me joy. I just wish it hadn’t taken so long to be comfortable with who God created me to be. Now that I am older I am embracing who I am, not only that I am accepting who I am not. It’s giving me the confidence to bring creativity to everything I do, including my faith, marriage, parenting, and ministry.

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