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All Sons & Daughters provide a fresh take on the more familiar worship music so often molded from a box of pulsing pads, driving guitars, catchy hooks, and loud drums.

Made up of Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, All Sons & Daughters formed when these two worship leaders simply wanted to write corporate prayers sung to original music for the congregation at their local Tennessee church. What came out of Sons & Daughters' humble intentions is taking the Christian and worship music industry by storm.

Jordan and Leonard cowrote the songs on this album with other artists and songwriters such as Francesca Battistelli, Derek Webb, Jason Ingram, and Sandra McCracken. This self-titled album is the duo’s second full-length studio record, in addition to their 3 EPs (or mini albums), and one live album, which include Brokenness Aside EP No. 1Reason To Sing, The Longing, and Live.

Instead of a big opening song, You Will Remain, is a beautiful, melodic, and airy introduction to the album. The song that follows, Tonight, carries an acousticy, folk-inspired rhythm that is sure to get the listener moving to the beat. Christ Be All Around Me is a simple prayer that asks God to be

above and below me, before and behind me, in every eye that sees me, Christ be all around me."

All Sons & Daughters also includes elegantly-crafted, studio renditions of songs the duo previously recorded live, and likely have sung in their Sunday worship sets, such as Great Are You Lord and God With Us.

The acoustic guitars, tasteful piano, ambient electrics, and subtle drumming complement the voices of Jordan and Leonard, who sing in perfect harmony throughout the album. Added to this are lyrics that have depth and meaning, inviting us into introspection and thoughtful deliberation rather than repetition.

I appreciate the art and craft that is so evidently put into an album like this one.

All Sons & Daughters have discovered a piece of God’s creativity that takes worship to a fresh, warm, and captivating place. I’m sure that listeners/worshippers will feel the same after they experience for themselves the richness of worship the music invites. My hope is that All Sons & Daughters will continue to be faithful in creating unique Gospel-centered music to glorify the One who gave them life and breath from the start.

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