Great Ideas for No-Fuss Summertime Family Fun

With summertime fast approaching, here are a few resources that might add some smiles to your sunny days! << Click to Tweet

A to Z Summer Fun

For several years, our family has had lots of fun with this simple idea during the summer months. You take the letters of the alphabet and you come up with 26 activities – one for each letter of the alphabet. 

So you don’t have to think of all the ideas on your own, I’ve compiled a huge list of them into this ebook, A to Z Summer Fun, available on amazon. 

The activities range from free to adventurist, and are adaptable for preschoolers through teens.  My girls are already making plans for this summer’s list!

Here is a sample of some of the days:

A - Arts n Crafts Day 
C - Camera Scavenger Hunt 
D - Dip in the Pool 
G - Go Geocaching 
K - Kites! 
P - Picnic at the Park (with Pop) 
U - Ultimate Surprise 
V - Volunteer Together 
X - X Marks the Spot Treasure Hunt 

Printable Resources That Can Lead to a Clean Room and Turn Sibling Rivalry into a Teachable Moment

I’ve also created some resources that will create a happier environment in your home. (Well, unless your perfect kids always keep their rooms clean and never argue with each other!) Start using these ideas during the slower days of summer, and you’ll be setting up new habits to make life easier all year long. Both of the following resources are available on Etsy for instant download.

The Clean Room Game: Several years ago I scribbled these silly ideas on pieces of paper for my girls to use to clean their room.  And they loved it! And they cleaned their rooms, while smiling and giggling.  I eventually printed a better set on cardstock, and my one daughter still uses them (she’s 11 now). A couple of examples of Clean Room Cards include “Try putting 2 things away while closing your eyes! (no peeking!)” and “Make your bed. Pretend the president is coming to sleep in it.”

Hugs Jar: A Positive Approach to Sibling Rivalry:  Let’s face it, when our kids are together more often, it creates more opportunities for sibling rivalry.  Not that it’s all bad – sibling rivalry can lead to lessons on how to get along with others, how to work through conflict – those are good things. 

I wanted a positive way to remind my kids that they are a gift to each other. <<Click to Tweet

So I created this Hugs Jar.  When I see them being unkind to each other, I say, “Go grab an activity out of the hugs jar” and they have to stop and do that activity.  It’s been a positive relationship-builder in our home! Activities include “I’M NOT JOKING AROUND: Find 3 jokes and then tell them to your brother/sister,” “I HEART YOU: Make 10 hearts out of paper. On each heart write something you love about your brother/sister. Start with ‘I love you because…’ Hide the hearts around their room for them to find,” and 36 more activity cards.

More Ideas

If you’d like some more ideas, check out my series from a couple of summers ago, over at the Good Stuff Guide, Summertime Kids.  Find ideas for Writing, Reading, Math, Travel, and Being Healthy!

Most importantly, enjoy these ever fleeting days of summertime with your kiddos!!

What’s your best tip for Summertime fun?

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Cathy Baker is a mom of two sweet tween daughters and has been married to her CSI guy for 20 years this summer. Together they share life's adventure in the heartland of Missouri. She finds nature replenishing, loves writing, road trips, and snuggling with her beagle. Cathy can be found at Tweeting @momentsjourney and @scrabbleetsy. She’s a weekly contributor at And she has her own Etsy Shop CelebratingTheMoment

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