Book Review - Miracles & Moments of Grace

From the very first page of Nancy B. Kennedy’s book, Miracles & Moments of Grace – Inspiring Stories of Survival, I was drawn in. I found myself transfixed as I read about an 18-wheeler careening off the road, barreling into the unknown during a blinding dust storm.  I held my breath through the tale of a masked gunman who crashed a home jewelry party.  Tears flowed as I read the account of Emily, a two-year-old little girl stricken with cancer.  And I was stunned to discover behind-the-scenes details of a news story I clearly remember from 2012.  Reports at the time only spoke about a soldier being shot in Afghanistan by a Taliban insurgent masquerading as an Afghani soldier on a U.S. military base. To my knowledge, the inexperienced, right-out-of-residency surgeon who saved that soldier’s life never got any press.  In this book, God receives all the glory for guiding her hands, and giving her the wisdom needed to repair the soldier's bullet-riddled body.  That one story is worth the price of the entire book.

Told in first person, each miracle or moment of grace is only 3 to 4 pages long.  You’ll quickly find that you’re reading “just one more” because you can’t put the book down…you are compelled to read on.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find the book even contained a story submitted by a man I’ve known for a number of years – a fellow congregant in my church.  Since stories were submitted from all over the United States, you may discover someone you know had a story to share with Mrs. Kennedy and the rest of us.  

Some of the accounts are encouraging, some uplifting, and a few, heartbreaking.  Because they’re true stories, not every one of them has a fairytale ending.  But all of them point to God - His guidance, comfort, and redemption of even the darkest of circumstances.  The true stories also showcase the power of abiding faith and courage, challenging the reader to trust Him who is faithful in all things.

An added bonus of the book is the writer bio at the end of each feature, many of which contain blog or web addresses to visit so you can read more about the authors of each installment.

For inspiring stories that will humble your heart and stir your soul, pick up your copy of Miracles & Moments of Grace – Inspiring Stories of Survival.  It’s available in paperback, Nook, and Kindle editions.  When you do, check out the other titles in the Miracles and Moments of Grace series:  Inspiring Stories From Military Chaplains, Inspiring Stories From Doctors, and Inspiring Stories From Moms, all authored by Ms. Kennedy and published by Leafwood Publishers.

Nancy B. Kennedy has written seven books including two children’s science books, as well as articles that have appeared in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal online.  She lives in Hopewell, NJ, with her husband John and son Evan.

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Toni loves God, her kids, caring for others, baking, chocolate!, and walking along the shores of her beloved lake – the setting for her blog. Toni has written devotions for and The Quiet Hour. She is praising God for the opportunity to make her passion - showing God’s love through practical acts of service - her new, full-time profession. As the Benevolence Ministry Manager for her church, she is able to hand car keys to a single mom, open the doors to the food pantry serving many area families, and assist those with urgent financial needs. Her life and ministry are living proof of the truth found in Ephesians 3:20 as God continues to do abundantly more than she could ever imagine.

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