The Dog Series - Polar Vortex

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O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good:

because his mercy endureth for ever. Psalms 118:1 (KJV)

This prayer is dedicated in part to the Polar Vortex, which has given us some of the most intense winter weather I can ever remember. It may be because I am older now, and snow and cold are more about heating the house, having suitable snow tires, and driving safely rather than finding the steepest hill to sled down, making the most audacious snowman, or filling an as yet undiscovered virgin plain with a heavenly host of snow angels. In any case, I am grateful that God speaks to me in many ways, often through the deep brown eyes of my beloved fur companion even on a treacherous and icy morning stroll.

Prayer for an icy morning dog walk

It was 32 degrees and rainy. What was once downy snow had become treacherous ice. Husband made it safely to the train and the office; cleared my car and delivered my keys with a kiss and a prayer before he left. Children tucked warmly into classrooms, it was just me, the dog, the park, and You Lord.

Dear Lord,

Thank You for discernment, guiding me to walk on grass and not along the sidewalks. It was early, and I could complain of homeowners too careless to clear their paths, or I could appreciate the “crunch crunch” of thin ice cracking beneath my booted feet. My own walkway was not yet cleared. Keep us all warm and safe, Lord, and inside as schedules permit. Ambient temperatures rise and ice melts. All shall be well.

Thank You for a canine confidante sufficiently well trained to not drag me to my knees (or worse). Thank You for companionable worship, him sniffing and chasing as I recite Psalms of praise and thanks. Thank You that I could appreciate his need for exercise and relief without resentment AND enjoy my time worshiping You in the icy landscape. Thank You for chilly cheeks that warmed in a cozy home. Thank You for gloves, scarves, and hats, high boots, and long coats. Snowflakes on dreadlocks; there is really never a bad hair day.

Thank You that I could, and I did, and that You walked beside me. Thank You for experiences that brought me to my knees so that I might confess that I wasn’t regularly there long enough. Thank You for guiding me to praise You on an icy morning in the park, with my dog, finding beauty within and without. I had so much warmth that morning that I almost didn’t notice the weather. Well, I noticed, but I didn't mind it. I was too busy counting my blessings. Even on an icy morning dog walk.

Thank You that You love me just where I am. May I learn to remain in continual praise because You are so good.



Rochelle Wilson blogs at Treat Me to a Feast about her life lived forward, reviewed backward, through the lens of faith. She’s a PK (Pastor’s Kid), who’s been a Baptist church musician since she was five. Always a dancer and athlete, as an adult she turned to liturgical dance to deepen her personal worship.  It worked. Rochelle laughs a lot, is married to her first love and prom date nearly 20 years ago. Together God gave them two children and a boxer who is the other love of her life, confidante, therapist, and physical trainer.

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