Book Review - A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman


This is my first time reading anything by author, Emily P. Freeman. I have so enjoyed A Million Little Ways. Within the covers of this book, I found words that made me realize each one of us is truly born with a longing and a need to be creative. Each of us has an art, hidden inside of us, waiting to be developed and shared with those around us.

In Part 1, Emily explores, “Who is the artist?”

We are each an artist and, at the same time, we each are the art of Christ. We are the canvas through which Christ makes Himself known. “Being an artist has something to do with being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive.” (page 20)

In Part 2, Emily encourages us to look with, look back, look up, look around, and look beneath in order to discover the art we were born to create.

In so doing, each of us will find the way in which our lives will declare the glory of God.

“Instead of setting off on a journey to find your art, consider staying right where you are to uncover your art. I believe heʼs asking us to do he work of uncovering what is already true and trusting him to release it for his glory and the benefit of others.” (page 37)

In Part 3, Emily exhorts us to start creating now instead of “waiting for qualification, permission, and approval.”

She pushes us to “respond to God, now in this moment, where we are and as we are.” “There is no formula to living life with Christ. There is only showing up as we are, trusting he is not only with us but within us, and believing he wants to come out.” (page 129)

By the time I closed the covers of this book, I came to embrace that my life bears Godʼs image and He has chosen to reveal Himself in my life using creativity that is unique to me. I found myself with a renewed sense of who I am and what I am meant to do.

This book is a must-read for everyone, but especially for those seeking to find the courage to be all that they are in the deepest part of their soul.


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