Episode 014 It’s Never Too Late

Today Elise, Kimberly, and Kimberly are talking about the idea that it is never too late. Whether you’re young or old this matters. No matter how old you are it takes courage to change direction, try something new, or completely start over. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who have reinvented themselves, tried, failed, and tried again.

We are here today to encourage you to pursue a dream or a desire that God has placed in your heart.

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Fun Facts About Famous People:

  • Walt Disney was a newspaper editor. Dreams didn’t always come true for Walt. The founder of The Walt Disney Company started out as a newspaper editor, but was apparently fired because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”
  • Julia Child was a spy. The famed chef wasn’t cooking up delicious French cuisines until age 36. Before that, she worked as a CIA intelligence officer. She didn’t launch her popular show until she was 50.
  • Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, was 43 when he began drawing his legendary superheroes and his partner Jack Kirby was 44 when he created The Fantastic Four.
  • Harlan Sanders, the Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, was 66 when he began to promote his style of cooking and create an empire.

It’s never too late to...


  • Enter a new profession - Life Coaching
  • Get Your Finances in Order

Kimberly Coyle

  • Going Back to School
  • Choose to Belong

Kimberly Amici

  • Go Back to Basics
  • Have a Good a Marriage





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