In Your Words - What Will You Miss Most About the Summer?

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What will you miss most about the summer?


Kristin Hill Taylor         

I'll miss the lack of routine. Some days this summer looked the same, but others were different. We didn't use an alarm most days. We had slow mornings and afternoons at the pool. We ran errands when we felt like it and I worked and wrote when it fit in. There's a freedom with summer I lose sight of during the school year.                                                                                 

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Susan Panzica        

I'm not sure I will miss summer. Autumn is my favorite season. And now that my kids have graduated and there's no back to school, I can enjoy the beach whenever I want without the crowds! If I miss anything, it will be the week we're spending with our family in mid-summer. Otherwise, I suspect the cooler air and glorious colors will keep me in great spirits.                                                                                

Alecia Simersky    

What I will miss the most about the summer is the freedom in our schedules. I really enjoy not having to deal with the early morning rush with the kids and all the school responsibilities. It's nice to have a break and move more slowly.                                                                                


Kimberly Amici        

The freedom to see where the day takes you. Spontaneous trips to the beach and last-minute get-togethers with friends that last late into the night because bedtimes are only suggestions.                                                                                

Elise Daly Parker        

Long days. Fireflies. Sitting out in the backyard. Going to the beach (though I love the beach in the off-season). My daughter being home from college. A few times when my whole family gets together. Green Pond. Larger family get-togethers...that sound of laughter in the evening outside. Love that! (But just for the record, by the time Labor Day rolls around, I'm ready for more structure.)                                                                                

Micalagh Moritz            

I will miss the outside time, flowers and green, growing things! I love just hanging out in my backyard, or taking a walk by the river that is close by. I'll also miss the longer days that allow for more of that outside time.                                         

Chelle Wilson

We created a firepit in the backyard this summer. When the frost finally comes, we'll say goodbye to long summer nights, laughter, and easy fellowship. Plus...all the stars we were able to see in the clear, night sky.

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