In Your Words - Have you found a friend in an unlikely person or an unsuspecting place?

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Have you found a friend in an unlikely person or an unsuspecting place? Surprised by a friendship? Tell us about it.

Susan Panzica

I was at my daughter's soccer game and struck up a conversation with a mom from the opposing team. Both of us were amazed at some crazy parents, especially one maniac dad from her daughter's team. This mom was a Christian and a hairdresser. I've been visiting her salon for 15 years, and now we're working on a cut-a-thon to raise money                                                                            for survivors of human trafficking.  

Alecia Simersky

Yes! I have become friends with a couple of great ladies who I never would have thought would be my friends. In fact, I really didn't like one of them when I met her. She was loud and needed to be the center of attention and that is one thing that really turns me off from a person. But after a couple of small get-togethers hosted by a mutual friend we've actually became best of friends. I love spending time with her.

Elise Daly Parker

Last year I went to a retreat where I knew only a handful of people. A little out of my comfort zone, but at least I knew a couple of people. When I discovered I wasn't rooming with the one person I expected to, I was disappointed. I went up to my assigned room a little nervous about spending a whole weekend with a stranger. However, we                                                                               became fast friends and our friendship continues to grow. Now I'm thankful I was roomed with a stranger...and can                                                                         see God's hand so clearly. He really knows best!

Chelle WIlson

I was assigned to work with someone in an online community....and we seem as unlikely a pair as you could possibly put together, but BAM! we are really connecting; praying for each other, laughing for each other, getting our warped jokes and all. God is amazing!

Micalagh Moritz

When I was in high school, I did not have many Christian friends, and felt alone in my pursuit of faith at times. My family and I went on vacation to Florida each year to the same resort. This one year, I met a fellow Christian who was about my age. Since then, we have never lived in the same place, but we have taken turns visiting each other and                                                                         have shared our experiences through college, dating, marriage, and now, kids! She was definitely an answer to                                                                               prayer, and still is today!

Kimberly Amici

My now best friend was dating the the same guy at the same time as I was in college. We had a mutual friend who swore we would get along under different circumstances. It wasn't until after we graduated that we became friends, lived together, and then were maid of honors at each other's weddings. Who would have thought that 20 years later, despite the geographical distance between us, we would still be in each other's lives and our kids would become the dearest of friends.


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