I Wish I Trusted God The Way I Trust My GPS

I think the greatest invention of our time is the GPS. The whole concept of a global positioning system boggles my mind. The fact that there are satellites in space transmitting information about the location of  my car astonishes me.

My all-time favorite GPS story involves my then 78-year-old mother. When I set up my GPS, I had to choose a voice from a number of options – man, woman, British, American, etc. I chose “Mandy”  with the American woman’s voice. We were driving down to Florida, the six of us - me, my husband, our three boys, and grandma. This was a 17-hour road trip, which, by the way, I highly recommend to every family. It’s a rite of passage.

(After the first drive down, I swore I would never do it again. But, as is true in childbirth, you forget the pain, and we drove down a second time…but I digress.)

Anyway, we’re riding merrily along and my son Steven informs me he has to go to the bathroom. We pull off the highway and Mandy proceeds to repeatedly tell us to turn around as soon as possible. After listening to Mandy’s repeated admonitions, my mom chirps from the backseat, “Just tell Mandy we have to stop at a gas station so Steven can go to the bathroom.” My husband, I, and the kids all burst out laughing. I said to Mom, “You know there is no live person named Mandy in the minivan with us, right?”

Before life with the GPS, I was often reluctant to drive anywhere too far away or any location that required following complicated directions.

Now, I’ve gone to places by myself and driven along twisting, winding, lonely country roads in the middle of nowhere, thinking to myself I’ve never been able to do this before. Gone are the days of pulling out maps or getting step-by-step directions from the gas station attendant.

Now all we need is an address and we’re there. My dependency on this technology is total. Half the time I have no idea where I am. I am just blindly turning left here, right there. I have found myself in some scary places. It seems the GPS must take you through the most desolate neighborhoods in order to get you to your destination. As I see my surroundings start to change, and not for the better, I pray that the satellite does not lose connection. I hold my breath until I see familiar surroundings again.

One day, as I was sitting at a red light, fixated on the three-inch screen before me, I pondered my total and utter reliance on this device. The thought occurred to me, I wish I trusted God like I trust this GPS. If I did, I could relax and know for certain that, no matter what, God is going to lead me home even when I find myself in unfamiliar places I’d rather not be.

Driving  through those menacing neighborhoods reminds me of the seasons of testing and trial in my life.

God is with me when I am afraid and He gets me through. On those lonely country roads, I am reminded of the times I don’t feel His presence. I am not sure how things are going to turn out, but God knows. He knows what’s around the bend even when I don’t. He is faithful to navigate me through if I am sensitive to His leading.

The Bible says, “Blessed is the man who trusts in you.” (Jer 17:7) A childlike trust is a beautiful thing. Our kids don’t worry as long as they know we are near; they feel so secure. Our children completely and totally trust that we love them and want only the best for them even when it hurts and they don’t understand.

Our hearts desire for our children is that they would know our profound love for them.

We want our children to trust us and obey us. It would be a horrible feeling, terribly sad if my children didn’t trust me. I imagine how God feels when I don’t trust Him after the myriad of ways He shows His faithfulness to me. Scripture says, “Even if we are faithless, He remains faithful.” (2 Tim 2:13)

The issue is not whether we love God, but rather do we trust God? <<Click to Tweet

Do we trust that He is with us in whatever circumstances we find ourselves? Do we trust there is a purpose in the pain even when we don’t understand?

When life hurts we can trust in the character of God. The longer I have had a relationship with Jesus, the more I trust Him because I have seen His faithfulness demonstrated in my life time and time again.

The Bible says, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.” (Is 30;21)  I wish I were obedient.  When God says go right or go left I wish would just do it.,

I am sorry to say God has had to do a lot of recalculating in my life.

But the wonderful thing is, like the GPS, there is no condemnation when I go off course. He just redirects me back to where I need to go.

Do you notice when your GPS speaks there is no attitude, no disappointment, just a calm voice setting you on the right path again?

What would it look like if I trusted God though the wrong turns, dead ends, forks in the road, and detours? When I can’t locate the kids, when I get bad news from the doctor, when I don’t know how I am going to pay the bills, when the principal from the school calls, when my child is being bullied.

I wouldn’t have to worry or be anxious…now wouldn’t that be liberating?

Isaiah 26:3 says, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you.” Amen! Because I am trusting in Jesus to navigate me through this life and get me safely to heaven in the next, I know ultimately it will be more than all right.

Sandy DelGrande has been married to Joe for over 30 years and is mom to three grown sons. She is active in church and prayer ministries, was a bible study leader for many years, and has been a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Mentor Mom for almost a decade. Her passion is to bless and encourage new moms in their high-calling of motherhood and to let them know how much they are valued and cherished by their Father in heaven.  Sandy loves to share her journey of faith through writing and public speaking.

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