A Conversation with Brooke Lynn - Author of Raised by Strangers - Plus Giveaway

I recently read Raised by Strangers by Brooke Lynn. I was blown away by this personal story of triumph through Christ. God took a life that could have, and really should have, been destroyed by physical, mental, and emotional abuse and brought restoration and newness of life. 

Brooke Lynn is a writer and speaker who lives passionately — reaching others with God’s Word and love. She is a survivor of abuse, sharing her past pain and recovery to encourage others with hope. Brooke resides in the Washington D.C. area, has been married for nineteen years, has two children, and loves dogs.

Circles of Faith (COF) had the opportunity get to know the author a little better. She’s an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things for God. We hope her story encourages and inspires you to take that next step toward what God is calling you to do. 


COF: Tell us about your company and mission.

When I was just five years old, I was kidnapped and forced to live a life burdened with cruel and bizarre physical and emotional abuse. My will to survive, inspired by an invisible hope, helped me fight the demons and stay alive as I endured haunting experiences.

My book, Raised by Strangers, chronicles my true-life story full of forbidden secrets driven by darkness and deception. Through this gripping story, I share ways I have learned to overcome my horrendous past and rise above the ugliness of humanity with faith and forgiveness. This book is raw with reality and will help you find courage and strength for healing, how to face your fears, forgive offenses, and live a life of freedom. Raised by Strangers is filled with scriptures and spiritual lessons I have learned and share to help others keep fighting, believing, and trusting Jesus.

My mission is serving as a Christian Writer, Speaker, and Teacher. I'm not the sugar-coating kind of speaker. I speak the Word of God in truth and love and I transparently share my own life experiences to help others.

COF: Do you have a Faith principle that is a guiding force in your life?

The ultimate Bible verse I live by is Matthew 19:26
"Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

This is an amazing reminder to me to never give up. I can decide to keep my focus and faith in God, trusting and depending on Him for all of my needs. I don’t have to accept defeat, failure, or hopelessness; I can choose faith and hope; running the race of life with patience and perseverance. God is always with me. Sometimes He is standing by my side, sometimes He is holding my hand, sometimes He is whispering words of wisdom, and sometimes He is carrying me through the storm. I choose to never give up hope! I've learned to not depend on what I see or know because regardless; anything is possible with God.


COF: What do you do in day-to-day Life? Work? Play? Family?

I'm a nurse and health and wellness enthusiast. I educate and create awareness about eating disorders by sharing my 26-year battle and recovery.

I'm an ordinary girl living life with passion and a desire to do extraordinary things for God. I love life, family, friends, and people. I love to talk, give helpful advice, and encourage others. The beach is the most beautiful and amazing retreat in the world. Dogs are the cutest, lovable, and greatest animals of all. Exercise is wonderful and stress relief for my mind and body; I walk about 5 miles per day. I am obsessively neat and organized and some would consider me a perfectionist. I'm addicted to coffee, chocolate, and mostly Jesus.

I have a husband who was handpicked by God for me and we have been married 19 years. God has blessed me with two amazing children. My son is in the Air Force and my daughter is a junior in high school. And yes, we started having children VERY early!


COF: What Community circles foster your faith?

The biggest "Community Circle" that fosters my faith is our local church. I am greatly blessed to be part of a church alive in Christ and on fire with passion to help seek and save the lost. I receive outstanding and faith-filled messages that challenge my faith and grow me in my relationship with Christ.

I have a handful of faithful women friends who keep me in prayer and are there for me whenever I need someone. These women inspire and encourage me to walk faithfully, trusting Jesus in all things.

COF: How does Community fit into your book and mission to reach others?

Where and what I've come through is profound and clearly the work of God; His grace, mercy, and power. Without Church, I never would have raised my hand at six years old and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart.

As a child, even though I was living in abuse, there was a Church Bus called, "The Joy Bus" that came around the neighborhood on Sunday mornings and picked up us kids. I was transported from a nightmare of circumstances into a loving environment of people who possessed the love of Jesus. It was a life-changing experience that lives with me until this day.


COF: How do you experience the Intersection of Faith, Life, and Community? How does what you are doing foster this?

I help others by openly declaring the hope I have and know; by sharing my stories, faith, and the message of the cross. God gives me courage to step out in boldness for His name’s sake; for the cause of Christ and the purpose of saving souls. My willingness to support and advise others with truth leads them to Jesus where they can learn to trust in and rely on Him for wisdom and strength. I don’t fear opening up and encouraging someone.

I write and speak from my heart to help others see life for what it truly is. It’s a gift we've all been given. Something we didn't choose, something given to us freely to enjoy. We are called and made to have a relationship with Jesus. Without this relationship, we can do nothing that will make an eternal difference. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Living this life is about leaving a legacy to make a difference in what we stand for. For me, this is Jesus! Without Jesus, in the light of reality, I have nothing. I believe without Jesus, there is no purpose or meaning to life except to live selfishly.

The truth is:

Someone will always be there to criticize. But we can't allow the critics to keep us from God's plans for us.<<Click to Tweet

COF: What is one thing you’d like our readers to know about you?

I want the whole world to know that God snatched me from the enemy's hand and saved my life. I know that without God, I have nothing and can do nothing. 

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." (Romans 8:28)

COF: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

It is my passion to empower others to keep going no matter what and to keep their focus and faith in God; reminding them they can smile again.  I have learned that God is about helping and healing people. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Even when we can’t feel His presence, we can trust He is there.

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