where is your home?

i begin many of my writings

with these few words,   

“i was born broken.”   

if this is my truth,

if i stand by this today

as i have my entire life,

then where does that leave God?   

For He is unbreakable.

He is strength.

He showed me how to

reconnect the shattered pieces

of not just my soul

but my life.

By using faith as the bonding agent

each fragment i left behind

or was taken from me

began to reappear.

I would weld it to my soul

by asking grace and forgiveness.   

In my paintings i would connect

all the tiny strokes of color by

surrounding them in black,

thus giving the look of stained glass.

it was easy in this imaginary world of mine.

yet i was always searching for

how to fit together the rest of me.   

the pure liquid essence of God

washes through me,  

surrounding and encompassing my entirety.

it imprints upon my soul

the warmth and love of my Father.

more important,

the knowledge that i am

cleansed and forgiven.

I get this feeling  

each time i float in the caribbean waters.

the color and warmth draw me in

as i lie upon my back

eyes closed

talking to God.   

For He is my nautilus

and from Him

i draw all my GLLEAFF* .

I need the water to wash over me.

i need blue paints to brush on canvas.

turquoise walls in my home to calm me

bright whimsy fish upon my windows to greet me

each morning as i wake,

roll over,

gaze upon my painted waves

and say,

“Good morning God.”   

I do not worship a caged God.

He is the wind which fills my soft sails, <<Click to Tweet

the sun that warms me,

the water that i float upon,

the soft sheets i sleep in

the smile upon my lips

and the grace that i carry within.

HE is life giving.

He is nourishment to the weary,

water to the seeds,

the sun to the flowers

the breath in me. 

Born from Him,

i have refused to uncork my God.

For i fear by sharing Him

that i will never get back

that which i hold so sacred.   


God wakes me each day

and beckons me to

“hit the road so we can talk…”   

i listen.


do i listen.

He speaks so softly

that i cry.

silence surrounding me  

his words sing to my soul

and fill me up

with the assurance

that i can never lose Him

as i have lost my mother.

For even though i was “born broken,”

all i need do is fold myself

into Him  

for He is whole.   

He speaks the words,

“i am always with you

you are never broken

because you are my heart.”

my feet slow,

and i am lifted up

once more

into the palm of my Father’s hand,


and land back with my colored world

of brilliant light,

soft grace,

pure love,

true acceptance,

unfailing energy

unconditional forgiveness

inner strength

and the purest of faith.

in this case it is LGLAEFSF* 

no matter how i spell it

what order it is in

it all comes from the center

of the Nautilus  

which is God.   

What is your center?

what’s in your chambers?

What do you need to work on?

Do you have too much of one thing?   

If we revolve our world around our faith,

we evolve into His children,  

no matter our age, race, sex, career.

when it comes to acceptance

we are all equal.

there is no monetary system

with God.   

We need to do the work.

Place God in the center of your nautilus.

fill in the blanks surrounding Him.

we are all on different journeys.

but remember  

all footpaths


lead us all to the same place-


Where is your home?    

*Grace, light, love, energy, acceptance, faith, forgiveness…

*Light, grace , love, acceptance, energy, faith, strength, forgiveness….

Sheri Stewart is a Florida-based acrylic artist and writer. Her journey of faith and growth, writ upon canvas and journal. Sheri is married with five children and her two golden doodles Finn and Reed are often by her side.

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