In Your Words - What do you plan to do differently in 2015?

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What do you plan to do differently in 2015?

Micalagh from Only Small Things 

This is something I am often working on, but I would like to intentionally try to trust more and worry less!

Satin from My Heart, His Words

  • I plan to stick to an exercise program (currently doing PIYO and loving it!).
  • Reduce my stress levels by only working in our business; no longer working a full-time job outside the home.
  • Make more time for rest; not pushing myself so hard that I get sick, get migraines, or lose my mind because I'm so stressed out!!
  • Truly living a life of balance and rest!

Alecia from from There's Something Different

Plan and be organized! I'm not good at planning or keeping organized so I would love to get on some sort of system to help keep my head on straight this year!

Jennifer from Swing Whistle Zing

Not over-schedule myself. Appreciating the gift of time, using it intentionally whether it’s for work or play and accepting that both uses are completely valid goals for me. 

Denise from Blond Moment of the the Day 

I have a tendency to be a bit pessimistic. I'd like to try to reframe my viewpoint with a little more optimism! I'm still praying about my One Word for 2015 (one word to strive for throughout the year instead of unattainable and inevitably breakable resolutions), but I think it might be something along those lines.

Kimberly Amici from Living in the Sweet Spot

In 2015 I hope to continue my journey of slowing down, simplifying, and intentionally living out our family's mission. 


Kimberly from

In 2015, I want to read more for pleasure. As a writer, reading is an integral part of my job. I find myself reading a great deal of non-fiction, but my favorites in fiction reside on my shelves. I want to continue giving myself an education, but also mix in a few books purely for love of a good story and the written word. 

Elise for

My One Word for the New Year is PUSH. I know it’s not very spiritual sounding. However, I believe there are areas where God is nudging me to be more proactive and active – fitness, healthy eating, prioritizing, relationships, even work, including writing. I am sensing that God wants me to push myself past some of my self-imposed limits and obstacles that have stopped me from living the life God calls me to. 

Now it's your turn, What do you plan to do differently in 2015?

photo credit: alexisnyal via photopin cc

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