In Your Words - What Is the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?


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What Is the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

Micalagh - Only Small Things

I can't think of the best compliment, but one that I really appreciated was an anonymous encouragement note left mysteriously on a virtual sticky note on the desktop of my computer. I leave it up currently, because it encourages me every time I see it. I still don't know who it's from!


Satin Pelfrey - My Heart His Words

The best compliment anyone has ever given me was that I am just like my mom! My mom and I are best friends and she has always been my godly mentor, prayer warrior, confidant, and personal cheer leader! She's the one woman in my life who I aspire to be like, because in all she is and all she does she points me to Jesus. If I could be like anyone in the world, it would be my mom, because to me, she is Jesus with skin on. I love her immensely!

Alecia Simersky -

“You have the prettiest smile.” That one still makes me smile :)

Jen SWZ.jpg

Jennifer - Swing Whistle Zing

My four-year-old came to me the other day and for no reason at all said, "Mommy you look beautiful." I wasn't feeling beautiful (inside or out) at all that day. It was one of the sweetest compliments I've ever gotten.

Denise - Blonde Moment of the Day

I'm not sure it's the best compliment I've ever heard but it's one that has stayed with me because it spoke to my insecurity. As a worship leader and musician, I sometimes feel insecure about my voice and I get stuck comparing myself to others. Someone from my church told me I sing like an angel, and that spoke volumes to me!

Kimberly Amici - Living in the Sweet Spot

"You drive like a guy." In college, I drove a friend of mine home one holiday weekend because we lived in neighboring towns. He said this to me halfway through our trip. Apparently he and his buddies (who were my friends too) didn't think girls could drive well, let alone drive well on the highway. Little did he know that's where I learned to drive, on long trips to my grandmother’s, switching lanes, passing on the left, and talking to truck drivers on a CB.

Elise Daly Parker-

Recently, I enjoyed a girlfriend getaway with some of my closest friends. We were chatting about how this little community first came together. It turned out, I introduced a few of these women to Moms In Prayer and to each other many years ago. That was the beginning of relationships that have grown deep with God at our center. To have a part in forging these precious friendships through a ministry that changed all of our lives and built our faith…well, I am humbled and delighted. 

It's your turn. We'd love to here, What Is the Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received? Tell us in the comments below. 

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