In Your Words - What App Can You Not Live Without?

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What App Can You Not Live Without?

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Denise  Trio

from Blonde Moment of the Day

Sleep Cycle. You put your  smart phone on your bed next to your pillow and it monitors how well you sleep based on your movements. The alarm has a 30-minute window (ending by the latest time you want to wake up) that wakes you up according to what sleep cycle you're in. The idea is that Sleep Cycle wakes you up when you are naturally more awake instead of being startled awake from a deep sleep!

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Kristin Taylor

from 152 Insights to My Soul 

I'm a big fan of my iPhone. Along with my old-fashioned notebook planner, I'd be lost without it!

Right now my favorite apps for documenting life are Facebook (the general app, Messenger, and Pages), Instagram, and Twitter. I like ShopShop for organizing multiple shopping lists, Walgreens for printing Instagram photos, and Google Maps for not getting lost, literally.

My husband and I are continually amazed by how well the remote app for our Apple TV works. My seven-year-old daughter likes Countdown+++ to keep track of how many days until whatever it is she's anticipating!

Alecia Simersky 

from There's Something Different

Evernote. You never know when an idea may come to you and it's been great for me. Because I can't ever remember anything!

Susan Panzica 

from Eternity Cafe

I love the YouVersion Bible app. Now, I always have my Bible with me, and I love the various and ever-increasing reading plans. SoundHound is another favorite. When a song is playing on the radio, I tap the app and find out the name of the song and the artist, and can even download into iTunes immediately. I love the Optimum app with TV to Go – I have been away from home and was able to record a program I otherwise would have missed. And my Kindle app lets me travel with a library of downloaded books.

Kimberly Amici

from Living in the Sweet Spot

My favorite app right now is the Fractions Plus calculator app. It has helped me get through this past school year and relearn 5th grade math so I can help my daughter with her homework. Also, as an interior designer, it has helped immensely with the creation of floor plans and installation of artwork on my job sites.

Chelle Wilson

from Treat Me to a Feast

I am absolutely addicted to YouVersion Bible app. I read it on my phone, my tablet, and my laptop, and because I'm logged into the same account, I can always pick up from where I left off. I have all my sermon notes from church, writing ideas, and I love posting an occasional piece of scripture directly to FB. I wonder what Rev. Dad, who's been gone nearly 18 years, would think of that?

Angele Tanyeri

from Angel Dancing

If you have a friend who is out of the country, I highly recommend "What's App"!! It is a free text message app that allows you to text, send pictures, and videos with no additional charges or International plans!! I am so thankful!!

What about you? What app can you not live without? Tell us in the comments below!

photo credit: NelC via photopin cc
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