God – The Constant During Change

Can you believe it, friends? Summer is just about officially over and we are falling into a new season. Between making a splash at the pool, park adventures, and beach visits, it’s been quite a busy summer for my little family of three. We’ve satisfied what I crave in all seasons - making memories, snapping pictures, and enjoying the slower pace, wishing time would stand still! But, why in my heart-of-hearts, with all this summer joy, is such a deep hurt still lingering?

Growing pains imprinted on my heart while hard realities of my dad being gone for a whole year have sunk deep into my soul.

I miss his presence so much and ache at the foot of the cross. He is at Home in his Father’s presence - so close. Yet, I feel so far away from him. My heart questions and mind wanders about the waves of grief that have hit me head on. 

Every day is a battle - a battle against the one who slithers into our hearts and minds only to twist our thoughts and words.

It's a daily choice to make sweet time with my Father so he can whisper His Truths into my very broken heart. No matter how much joy I feel on the surface, if I am not at the foot of the cross daily I am depleting myself of the deep joy and love from my Father. I begin to run away instead of toward. I build the walls instead of knock down. I become everything I don’t want to be; bitter, tired and angry. Luckily, we have a Father who rescues. One who saves. One who is close to us. In Psalm 34:18 I am reminded of this beautiful Truth and cling to the power of it.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.

As seasons and circumstances change, so do we. But the Lord stays constant. <<Click to Tweet

He loves and desires us so much. We need to intentionally seek and chase after Him daily. We need to rest in His strength. Lean on His power. And, when life hits hard like a ton of bricks, run fast to Him. He will be there with arms wide open to embrace His child who is hurting.

I’m praying for you today! We don’t have to carry the burden or the weight of the world - our Father does that for us. Release the load and give it to Him. Have faith in the One who is always by our side. You are loved. You are pursued. Bring all and every hurt to the foot of the cross as Jesus leans in to wipe your tears away.

For His Glory,

Megan was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. She is the youngest of three siblings. She is an oldie but a goodie kinda' gal. Nick at Nite re-uns are her favorite and her go-to is I Love Lucy. She graduated on May 6, 2007, and married sweet Aaron on May 26, 2007, at the ripe age of 22. She loved working for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater PA and Southern WV as Communications Assistant. She now has the great joy of being mommy to her sweet son. God has surely made himself known over the past few months, as Megan.has come to a point where she has no other choice but to seek, chase, and yearn for God daily. Her dad was called Home in August after a courageous battle with cancer. She is clinging to her Heavenly Father now more than ever before. Writing has helped her during this grieving journey. Megan looks forward to how God is going to use her for His story as it is all “For His Glory.”

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