In Your Words - What are you into these days and what are you over?


Our vision is to inspire, empower, educate one another through ongoing community exchange. One of the ways we would like to do this is through our Friday Community column, in a monthly series called In Your Words. We reached out to our contributors and guest writers to ask them a question.

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What are you into these days and what are you over? 

I'm over the app, Vine.  It used to be entertaining to watch 6-second videos of people doing funny things. Now, it has lost its initial attraction, and people’s humor just doesn’t seem that funny anymore.

Denise - Blonde Moment of the Day

I was really into playing games on my phone for a while against friends, such as Words with Friends. But lately I don't have much time for it, plus I got on a really bad losing streak.         

Alecia Simersky -


I'm over MySpace. Just kidding!

I was a bit addicted to Words with Friends, but I gave all electronic games up for Lent and haven't looked back. I play with a few select people, more as a way to stay connected than to play the game.

Susan Panzica  - Eternity Cafe  

I may be a little late to jump on this trend, but right now I am into writing inspirational quotes on chalkboards and displaying them in my home. I used vintage frames I received from my grandmother and cut chalkboard to size to fit inside. They are a nice reminder of my grandparents and great way to keep words of encouragement around. I am over using my phone for my To-Do list. No matter how hard I try to use apps, I find a good old-fashioned pen and paper work much better!

Kimberly Amici - Living in the Sweet Spot

These days I'm into easy living. I'm cooking differently, taking my time when I walk, when I speak. I am over being stressed. I try to remind myself that stress flies in the face of my faith…so I'm over it.

Chelle Wilson - Treat Me to a Feast                           

Because I live in a major European city, my main source of transportation is my precious two legs.  Now that I am visiting the states for the summer, I am totally into walking EVERYWHERE, which typically isn't our custom so I've had to pull back a bit. A good set of wheels certainly rocks, but if you can…get out there and WALK! Your body will thank you!!         

Angele Tanyeri  - Angel Dancing          

I am actually into working smarter and more efficiently and exercising more regularly so I can be more fit (I’ve had bad back issues this past year). This means I have to say no to things that are tempting – like dabbling in social media whenever I want to, or taking off a work day spontaneously because something “fun” comes up, or diving into the work day before I’ve forced myself out the door for a walk. I’m into a more well-ordered life…and I have no kids’ schedules that I can blame for being busy and scattered!

Elise Daly Parker - Our Stories God's Glory

photo credit: Arlo Bates via photopin cc
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