Neon Steeple, Crowder Music Review and Giveaway

The David Crowder Band began in 1996. The band’s raw creativity and talent revolutionized the Christian music industry. However, in 2011, the band announced they would end their 16-year streak of funky, original, and powerful worship music. Fans of the legendary band will be thrilled to know that Crowder is back on the scene with a new album. 

In his first solo album, Crowder continues to deliver what his fans have come to know and love about him. Neon Steeple was released on May 27, 2014, by both Sparrow Records and sixstepsrecords.  

I've been listening to and loving the album ever since.

As the CD played through my car's speakers, I couldn’t help but think of a delicious buffet of good ol' Southern cookin'. Like many recipes that mix seemingly incompatible ingredients, Crowder combines blue-grassy banjos and dancing fiddles with pulsing synths and a driving kick drum to create tantalizing songs. You want to go back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

The album opens with an appetizer, if you will, called, aptly, Neon Intro. From there, it serves up the main course of Southern-infused tracks like My Beloved and I AM (which can also be heard on the newest Passion album, reviewed here ). Like any respectable meal with a variety of sides, it offers more appetizing songs as the album continues with Come Alive and Hands of Love. Lift Your Head Weary Sinner, beckons the listener to join in an almost pub-like ballad. It’s as if you and your family take a break from eating for a moment to reenact a joyful memory together.

Neon Steeple includes sweet sides like My Sweet Lord, This I Know, and Come As You Are (another one on the Passion album) that offer a chance to catch your breath from the indulgence and rest in slower tempos. My favorite lyrics can be heard in Come As You Are, as Crowder sings

 “Come sit at the table. Come taste the grace…Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal.”

The Standard Edition album concludes with Here’s My Heart, a powerful declaration, asking God to speak what is true to the deepest part of our being - our hearts. The worshipper will love singing along to lyrics that speak to their identity:

“I am found. I am Yours. I am loved. I’m made pure. I have life. I can breathe. I am healed. I am free. Here’s my heart, Lord. Speak what is true.”

The Extended Edition includes a live recording of How He Loves along with All This Glory and perhaps my favorite song on the whole album, Because He Lives (Remix). In this version of the familiar hymn, Crowder sings with the legendary Bill Gaither. These two unique voices are accompanied not by an organ, but by techno beats. Ordinarily these two voices would never coincide. Somehow, Crowder makes it work, and it’s the perfect dessert to a very enjoyable album.

Anyone who listens to Neon Steeple will have a gratifying and memorable experience. Crowder’s unique flavor permeates the entire album and satisfies the soul. Bon appetit!

Check out this preview of the album!

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Denise, Music Editor here at Circles of Faith, is a native of New Jersey, full-time worship leader, mentor, designer, and blogger based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. She desires to use her voice to inspire others to seek healing and pursue restoration of broken relationships.  

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