Passion: Take It All - Album Review and Giveaway

The newest Passion album was recorded live in January at the 2014 Passion Conference in Atlanta and Houston. It is full of the much-anticipated worship songs that listeners have come to expect from the yearly conference that gathers 18-25 year olds and their leaders together. This deluxe edition includes a DVD with song videos and a sermon from Louie Giglio, who founded the Passion Conferences in 2000.

After listening to the CD for about a week, I can say with confidence that this album will continue in the long history of success of the past Passion albums.

What I love about Passion albums, and this one in particular, is the unity and diversity of the music. Many different artists use their unique talents to create an album that is indicative of the Body of Christ - all different, yet working together for one goal. That goal is to glorify God.

 In spite of the variety of headlining artists featured - the multiple songwriters, producers, musicians, and art directors - Passion: Take It All cohesively incorporates the creativity and artistry of a community that loves Jesus.

The radio single Take It All is a song that bears the lyrics from My Heart Is Yours, sung by Kristian Stanfill. It carries new prayers of surrender mixed with old, as it includes the chorus from the familiar hymn I Surrender All.

Noteworthy tracks include At The Cross (Love Ran Red), featuring Chris Tomlin, Let It Be Jesus, featuring Christy Nockels, Come As You Are featuring David Crowder, and Worthy featuring Matt Redman. These are all the big name artists under sixstepsrecords, which is a worship label and a division of Passion Conferences.

Each song carries the theme of the album - surrender to Jesus, who took all of our sin at the cross, and who is the only One who is worthy of our praise.

In the midst of glorifying God, the worship leaders welcome others to join with them in heart and song. There voices boldly proclaim Scriptural truth through catchy melodies, so you can’t help but sing along. After my second listen through the album, I had already chosen my favorites and was easily joining my voice with those of the lead singers and the tens of thousands of young people who were gathered at the conferences this year.

Year after year, the Passion artists deliver songs that worship teams integrate into their Sunday morning set lists. I am confident that these songs, which feature standard instrumentation like guitars, bass, drums, and keys, with the occasional addition of synthesizers and electronic loops, will be sung by congregants in pews across the world for years to come.

Join with me and the thousands of others in the proclamation from the album’s closing song, Sing and Shout.

“We will sing and shout, open up our hearts and pour Your praises out!”

Thanks to Capitol Christian Music we will be giving away 3 copies of Passion’s new CD to 3 winners. Enter below to win!

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