The Dog Series - (Always) Just in Time…

God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. (Ephesians 3:20)

For Christmas last year, I got a new iPod.  My new Nano replaced one three times its size with only one fourth the capacity. My sweetheart bought it in support of my latest evolution--runner. Running is moving meditation--the permission I grant myself for intimate worship--3 to 4 times a week or more.  

I work out my body and my soul when I run. <<Click to Tweet

The gift included a “watchband” of my choice to securely hold my Nano when I go on walks and runs. The bands are a little chunky, but have become a fashion staple since Apple made 18 available watch-face options. My husband, not wanting to presume he knows my what I like, let me choose that part of the gift. Ever the geek, I launched into my research, and determined that the best one for me was the Ultimate One by Quad Mountain.  I chose red, to match the Nano. (I’m an original supporter of (red), and since I very seldom wear bright colors when running, the slash of red on my wrist looked kinda cool.).

A couple of days into the New Year, my dog Sando ate my wristband. Thankfully, the Nano was charging elsewhere, but dog made quick work of shredding my rubber strap.  I was livid.  Now, I usually defend the dog, reminding folks around here, that much like a baby, he’s not always responsible for the mischief he makes when we leave tantalizing things around.  

No, this time I did not give myself that lecture.  I was too busy being BLUE.

My husband immediately offered to replace the wristband, but as much as I appreciated the gesture, I was a just a little too mad to reorder right away.  A few days later, we did make an Amazon order, which included the new wristband, a couple of gifts, and a new collar for Sir Eats-A-Lot (I love him, but I was still a little ticked). Bundling allowed us to take advantage of free shipping, ‘cause Mama loves a bargain.  

A few days after we put in the order, I received an email from Amazon advising that my order from Quad Mountain was cancelled.  Hmmm. I had sent them a note when we ordered the replacement letting them know that my dog ate the first one, including both pictures of what remained of the band as well as the culprit. 

I’m now wearing my Nano and the new replacement band, and while nobody would’ve expected it, I’ve had a religious experience.  When I opened the box, the printed invoice looked like this. 

Sometimes I need visual clues.  Imagine your own salvation; with an invoice…get it?

We were redeemed and it didn’t cost us a thing. <<Click to Tweet

Anything else I write gilds the lily, so I’m done, except to say that my delivery from an vendor that morning was my reminder that God is good. And that even when the dog you claim to adore EATS YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT, he can still participate in teaching you a lesson on God.

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Rochelle Wilson blogs at Treat Me to a Feast about her life lived forward, reviewed backward, through the lens of faith. She’s a PK (Pastor’s Kid), who’s been a Baptist church musician since she was five. Always a dancer and athlete, as an adult she turned to liturgical dance to deepen her personal worship.  It worked. Rochelle laughs a lot, is married to her first love and prom date nearly 20 years ago. Together God gave them two children and a boxer who is the other love of her life, confidante, therapist, and physical trainer.

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