My One Word for the New Year Update and LinkUp

It's been a little over three months since New Year and so it is a good time to reflect on our One Word for the New Year. I’m hoping you will share an update on your One Word too. You can LinkUp or share in the comments below.

My One Word this year is God.

I feel a little audacious saying so. But truly, it was God’s leading. As I sought Him a few weeks before the New Year, I had a clear sense God was calling me closer…asking me to seek Him first in all things.

In truth, I do turn to God in all things on some level. There certainly isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of or pray to God. I’m pretty good with Bible Study and Devos too. But God is asking me for more.

Him first. What does that mean?

Where am I not seeking God?  That's a better question. And immediately I can come up with two areas where I hold on tight to my own will, and don’t bother to consult God.

I am definitely not seeking Him first in these two areas:

1. Food – No, I do not ask God what should I eat…or ask Him enough to help me to not eat cookies, cake, ice cream. I’m not against these things in moderation, but if I’m trying to treat my body like a temple, then I’ve got to really keep this stuff to a minimum, especially when trying to shed some pounds for health’s sake. As someone recently said to me, “Elise, the truth is we’re food addicts.” Ouch! I didn’t like hearing that spoken out loud. But my friend is right. And maybe it would help me to admit this…admit this powerlessness over food…again.

2. My Schedule – My default is to get too busy! I say yes…a lot. And I often do not ask God first. I figure (even though I know better) it’s good stuff. Ministry. I’ve done it before and now I’m seeing it again.—God will allow me to over schedule, but that’s not the same as getting His approval. And when I get too busy, I live with the consequences of the “good robbing from the best.” I get depleted, discouraged, don’t get to the things I so deeply desire to do, like write, blog, enjoy fellowship. I feel guilty, rushed, stressed, chaotic. No, this is not God’s will.

So as I consider my One Word, well, I could do better! God wants the best for me and for you. So now what? << Click to Tweet

Well, I know God is calling me to sit with Him. To come and just sit quiet. Allow Him some space and time to speak to me, especially about these two areas of bondage. They hold me back from so much God has for me, from the freedom He has promised. I sense Him beckoning, “Come on over Elise. Come sit. Let’s chat. I have something to say to you.”

The good news is God’s managed to break through the noisiness of my busy life. 

God’s shown me some things lately that are hard to accept:

1. I am feeling empty, insignificant, lacking identity. These are things I struggle with. Right now, this is surfacing because our house has shifted dramatically into a very quiet because our last child left the nest this fall. It's just hubby and me,

2. When I feel empty, I tend to fill up on food. No, not the steamed veggies or crunchy broccoli salad my hubby goes for. I opt for bagels, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate.

3. When I feel empty, I also tend to fill my schedule. But I can feel stressed out, out of touch with God and with myself, and isolated from my friends.

I’ve been here before. And I don’t like it.

So I have been asking God, “What is it, Lord, that drives me to fill the empty places?” And He’s spoken. Part of the answer? I am seeking Approval of Man. I say yes, because people will like me when I say yes. And when I sat quiet the other day, I heard the still small voice say, “You have an insatiable desire to belong.” If there is something happening, I want to be part of it. I’m terrified I’ll be left out, forgotten. 

But at what cost? Am I doing what God has called me to? What I am made for? 

Seek Me first. God. My One Word. Yes, it’s making an impact! << Click to Tweet

And if you need some prompts to figure out how you’re doing with your One Word, check out OneWord365’s 7 Questions.

Here's an update from some our readers:

My One Word is Miracle. I'm learning that God's miracles are not always the big and spectacular. Sometimes they are. But more often they are the ways that He works in our lives every day. Focusing on Miracle has made me look for those workings everywhere I go.
- Holly Barrett

My "one" word for 2014 is Let Go. Since January, it's been a reminder that God is in control. As family medical issues have been present with too few answers and schedules are harder to rely on, Let Go has felt like a whisper from God...Let go of trying to control the situation...Let go of normalcy...Let go of letting it all drive you nuts...Let go and let Me handle it. Let go and watch Me work. It's been a comforting reminder that in the midst of the storm, I can Let Go and let Him lead and guide. - Laura Rath from Journey in Faith

My one word...FAITHFUL continues to inspire me. I am reminded of it often as I wonder if the little things I do matter. I named February “Finish it February” because I have a long list of things that I have started that I have not finished. My One Word inspired this. I would say that for the most part it was successful. I completed sewing projects that were accumulating and edited and posted blog posts that I started a long time ago. May might have to be “Make it Happen May” because I still have a few more things I would like to finish. I continue to thank God for His faithfulness and am committed to be Faithful in the things he has called me to. – Kimberly Amici from Living in the Sweet Spot

My word for 2014 is HOPE. It's been more of an undercurrent for me. God is constantly bringing that word across my path to encourage me, but the most profound way Hope is impacting me is through the absence of hopelessness. That is saying a lot, especially when dealing with infertility treatment. Nothing is impossible for Him, and that truth pumps hope through my heart. He gave me a second word - Hannah. And that certainly heaps hope upon hope in my heart!!
- Katie Landry from A Hundred Affections

How about you? Did you choose One Word? What is it? How is it unfolding? I’d love to hear in the Comments.

Elise Daly Parker has been married for 28 years and is mom to four mostly grown girls. She is a writer, editor, writing coach, and blogger. She believes we all have stories that matter--big life bios and small meaningful moments. Elise believes our stories are a reflection of God’s glory and are meant to be shared. They have the power to inform, reform, and transform. She loves God, family, friends...and really likes travel!

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