In Your Words - How do you spend time with God?

Our vision is to inspire, empower, educate one another through ongoing community exchange. One of the ways we would like to do this in 2014 is through our Friday Community column, in a monthly series called In Your Words. We reached out to our guest writers to ask them a question.

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This month: How do you spend time with God?

I spend time with God when I am cleaning dishes. Don't laugh. We don't have a dishwasher and found myself resenting the fact that nearly two to three times a day, I am standing over sink for twenty minutes washing dishes. So, I decided to redeem the time by making it my time to talk with God. I have even have a laminated "prayer list" that I keep at my sink (laminating it makes it "splash proof") . I try to pray through the list but sometimes, I just chat away to Jesus about the day.

Noelle Rhodes - Coffee with Noelle

I try to spend time in the morning reading both a devotional and my Bible, and I pray throughout the day (especially in my car on the way to work - eyes open :) but there are several specials places I meet God too. There's a long, steep driveway surrounded by trees and overgrowth that leads nowhere next to the building where I work. I call it my "mountain of God" and go there on days when work begins to overwhelm me. With no one around to hear, I'll talk out loud, pray, cry, sing - just pour out my heart to God and let His spirit calm my soul so I can return to work refreshed. Several times a year I disconnect for 8 hours by "making a date" with God - it goes right on my calendar. I head to the lake with my Bible, journal, and lunch. I'll read, pray, write, walk, take pictures, read and pray some more - and sometimes even take a little nap in my car. Other times I'll run to the lake for an hour to take in the sunset and pray. Can you tell I love to meet God by the lake?

Toni Campbell - Lakeside Lessons

After I drop my kids off at school, I usually curl up in the corner of my couch with my Bible, my journal and whatever study I happen to be doing. I try to spend 30 minutes in Bible study and 30 minutes in prayer but that isn't set in stone. Sometimes, I use a Bible study and sometimes I just read through a book of the Bible. Other times, I'll study one word that God keeps bringing to mind - like one time it was the word joy. This time fuels my entire day, and I really miss it if I for whatever reason skip that time. :)

Rosanne Bowman - Divine Ordinary

I spend time with God first thing in the morning. I try to get up a little earlier than everyone else, but if that doesn't work I will wait until the kids leave for school. I like to do studies because they keep me focused. Right now I am doing Ruth with HelloMornings. Not only does the group keep me accountable but it comes with a great free study guide. 
Sometimes I like to just sit silent before God and pretend it's just Him and me. It makes me feel centered and at peace when I do this. It's hard to sit still, but worth it when I can. 

Alecia Simersky - There's Something Different

As I grow deeper into my journey as a mom, I find that I'm following the idea to pray without ceasing more and more. How that works for me is to pray and find connection with God when the notion hits me. Whether it's driving in the car, going on a run or rushing my kids out the door, if I feel led to pray I do it--on the go. I've found that trying to limit myself to a specific time of day or practice just adds one more thing on my to do list and I sometimes feel guilty if I can't make it happen as I envisioned. This way there's no expectation, it's more organic.

Jennifer - Swing Whistle Zing 

In the morning. I have a Queen Anne recliner chair with a little side table that is my special place. I'm doing 2 Lent series right now using the YouVersion Bible plans.

Susan Panzica - Eternity Cafe

With Lent starting this month, I have spent every morning reviewing my online devotionals. How do I do this? On my iPhone at 6 am. I don't really have to get out of bed and it's such a great way to read scripture before my feet hit the floor. Then I usually put a daily post on Facebook with what I have taken in from my study. If it's for me, I know that God wants it for others too. 

Joy Kay - Lax Mom Joy

Running is moving meditation-the permission I grant myself for intimate worship-3 to 4 times a week or more. I workout my body and my soul when I run. I am not a 4 season runner, so lately my prayer is Come Spring! I listen to scripture or gospel music to find my cadence and my focus.

Chelle - Treat Me To A Feast

I've found my mornings need to begin with time in God's Word. I wake, start a pot of coffee, take my shower and then grab that first cup of coffee before we begin. I'm reading through the Bible for the first time this year and I love using the Bible Gateway audio feature. There is something soothing about having God's Word read to you. And it helps with the names and places that are hard to make out on your own. I read along, highlight verses and dig deeper as God speaks to my heart. If I push that morning time with Him to the side...oh, how my day is simply not the same. Beginning with Him reminds me to make Him every part of my day. His Word really is living and breathing.

Beth Stiff - Simply Beth

I wake up early, before the rest of the house, and creep to the sofa with a cup of tea and the dog nuzzling at my feet.

I grab my Bible and my Jesus Calling for a few minutes of reading. Sometimes I might read in Proverbs or in the Psalms as well. I squeeze in a short silent prayer before my husband comes downstairs, and we begin our day together in prayer.

This all sounds very spiritual, but it's grounded in the physical: the cup of hot tea, the rubbing of the dog's soft underbelly, the weight of the bible in my hands, my husband wrapped in the cocoon of the chenille throw. The words we pray ground me, just like everything else, to the presence of God's spirit weaving through the fibers of our everyday.

Kimberly Coyle -

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