In Your Words - How Do You De-Stress During the Holidays?

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How Do You De-Stress During the Holidays?

Micalagh from Only Small Things 

I try to keep my focus on spending time with family and friends, enjoying family traditions, and in prayer. Not that I always succeed, but I try to lessen the emphasis on commercialism and the need to buy, buy, buy! Living in Belize, that is a LOT easier than when I am back in the U.S.

Satin from My Heart, His Words

I'm still working through this one - trying to learn NOT to stress, NOT to take on so many tasks, and NOT to expect so much of myself...I'm a work in progress and probably not the best at giving advice in this area! :)

Alecia from from There's Something Different

Pumpkin lattes of course! Pumpkin scented candles. Pumpkin scones. Pumpkin anything. It's so soothing to me for some reason.

Jennifer from Swing Whistle Zing

MAKE time to just be...and lots of Christmas music. Whistle while you work, anyone?

Denise from Blond Moment of the the Day 

I love crafting! Holidays are stressful for me at work because we always have a lot of events to celebrate the season. When I go home, I like to spend time making festive things to decorate our house, renew my spirit, and relax!

Kimberly Amici from Living in the Sweet Spot

During the Holidays I try me best to simplify as much as I can. We give only one or two gifts to our kids along with stocking stuffers. And we pick one event we can attend together like The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall or Cirque Du Soleil. I love it because there is very little shopping involved in our holiday season.

Kimberly from

As an introvert, I find the constant crowds and holiday celebrations difficult to manage if I don't make time to recharge with calm and quiet. Creating space in my schedule to read a good novel or take a hot bath helps me cope with the social demands of the season. Also, reminding myself that the whirlwind of the holidays lasts only for a short time helps me keep the crazy in perspective.

Elise for

I spent many years trying to create the perfect Christmas with a house decked out to the nines, lots of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, about 15 cookie varieties with of course a few new recipes each year, and tons of activities. The magic left me exhausted and a Christmas crank. With each passing year, I stress less by paring down my To-Do list. And we were way into Santa. Frankly, without him, it’s a lot less stressful. There are a couple of music events that calm my spirit and remind me of what the holidays are all about too…Jesus!!

Now it's your turn. How Do You De-Stress During the Holidays?

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