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Ladies, if you don't know or are not a part of The Influence Network you should be!

This Network has a great group of gals on its Core team. Not only does this cozy little spot on the Internet gives daily encouragement in the Word, but provides community classes and forums where life change happens amongst its members. It is a place for encouraging one another in each other’s journey so that we can make an impact right where we are with the gifts, talents and purpose God has given all of us. 

What's even better, the Influence Network has a once-a-year Conference in Indianapolis, IN where women gather from near and far to enjoy a few days being in the Word together, soaking in guest speakers wisdom, all the while lifting hands before our Father in worship music that knocks your socks off. To top it off, friendships are formed and a fire is started in our hearts to head back to make a difference in our communities. 

Just trust me when I say, you need to come experience it for yourself next year! This past year, the beautiful roommates I had were dolls. On fire. Beautiful. Down-to-earth lovely women of God. 

I expereinced a weekend of fruit-bearing, knee-bowing, hands-lifted, hearts-crying, sisters-in-Christ hugging, uplifting one another, encouraging words flying every where; with no comparisons, no behind-the-back talk, living to glorify Him in each step conference. Just real women. Seeking to build His Kingdom, admitting our wrongdoings, admitting our selfishness gets in the way, admitting we need Him. And as Jess Connolly one of the Co-Founders said it ever so eloquently, we need to be OF Him- not just FOR Him.

It is for each and every daughter of the Kingdom! 

Before the conference I was nervous. I listened to lies. I cried the night before. I felt attacked and gift-less. I didn't think I was worthy or creative enough to attend. I thought for a hot second my story didn't matter. I treaded lightly on the water; smiled, hugged, helped, listened, danced, and laughed. I slowly realized it wasn't about me. It IS about Him. All of this, every choice, every decision, every little thing we are made up of is about HIM.

On Friday evening during the conference it hit me like a ton of bricks falling from the sky. My soul was gasping for air from the waves that ensued during Lara Casey's session for the Influence Members. Her story left me in tears. Her writing prompt opened my soul. She asked some hard questions, ones that I thought I could easily spout an answer to. When it was time to actually write my pen froze. My fingers numbed up and jaw dropped. I could barely breathe and felt a pounding on my chest. I knew where this was going and I just did not want any part of it. Why? Because I knew exactly where God was taking my heart and that overwhelms my weak soul.

I'm afraid of ______________ because of __________________.

Seems like an easy answer, right? NO! not. one. bit.

I was in a room with 200+ women, yet I felt like I was the only one in a confined corner with my head to my bible, not wanting to look up or be open to my Father.

Without going off on a rabbit trail, I leave you with this. Lara wanted us write down what are distractions were, what our mental mason jar was filled with, what fires us up, what we should say yes to, and much more that I still can't wrap my mind around. What I did find out was this:

I am afraid of quiet because it requires me to be still (a quiet heart).

If I want to be of God and not just for God, what does that mean I need to do? I need to spend time in the Word, bow my knees daily, not just say it but also actually do it.

I have a fear of being quiet and still before the Lord - I have been in that place before and shouted out on behalf of my Father, feeling so vulnerable and so open to only my selfish prayer not answered and having to let go when I didn't want to. My heart unraveled in a sea of emotions (ones I didn't even know were there) as my jumbled thoughts flew out and became words in my journal. I had been hiding from having a quiet heart before the Lord for a while now and the Holy Spirit was knocking on my heart. I need to not conform to the busyness of every day, yet I do. 

I make a list of excuses why I have no time to rest in His word or lay still before and pray to Him. I hide from those really restful moments because of how vulnerable I can become and sometimes I just don't want to be in that open and deep place.

But isn't that how the beauty of our Savior is found- when we seek the quiet chamber in God's presence and just lay and soak up His strength and peace by quieting ourselves?

I can't begin to tell you how the Conference has opened my heart and changed me at the same time. I hope you all can join next year! I would love to see you there! 

Love to you all. xx.

For His Glory,


Megan was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. She is the youngest of three siblings. She is an oldie but a goodie kinda' gal. Nick at Nite reruns are her favorite and her go-to is I Love Lucy. She graduated on May 6, 2007, and married sweet Aaron on May 26, 2007, at the ripe age of 22. She loved working for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater PA and Southern WV as Communications Assistant. She now has the great joy of being mommy to her sweet son. God has surely made himself known over the past few months, as Megan has come to a point where she has no other choice but to seek, chase, and yearn for God daily. Her dad was called Home last August after a courageous battle with cancer. She is clinging to her Heavenly Father now more than ever before. Writing and running have helped her during this grieving journey. Megan looks forward to how God is going to use her for His story as it is all “For His Glory.”

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