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The music of City Harbor delivers exactly what a world searching for consolation needs--comforting words to listeners everywhere. Circles of Faith was thrilled to preview the duo’s debut album, which releases on February 4.

We couldn’t be more excited about this fresh, new music.

Molly Reed and Robby Earle comprise the new EMI/Sparrow duo based in Nashville. These two singer/songwriters had been in the music and creative industries, as well as ministry, before coming together to form City Harbor. Listening to their album, it’s apparent they have a heart to share music that is relevant, relatable, and real to a world that is broken and in need of hope. Their music is pop infused, melodic, and catchy. It’s refreshing that Molly and Robby share the spotlight, so to speak, and trade singing lead vocals and harmonies within each song. This allows anyone to sing along!

The self-titled album’s first single is called Come However You Are, and is inspired by Matthew 11:28, where Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” This song repeatedly encourages the listener to come, without waiting and with every pain and mistake, and to lay it all down at the cross.

The song Somebody Tell Them infuses hope in the listener as it tells the story of the Savior’s grace that is able to care for the our brokenness. Similarly, I Still Believe, written during Molly’s bout with depression, is raw and honest, and declares the truth about God’s love despite feeling otherwise. Your Love Still Wins also speaks of doubt during suffering and being unable to understand God’s ways, yet still holding on to His promises..

My favorite song on the album is I Will Rest, as it personally resonates with my life right now. I am naturally inclined to perform to gain approval and love. This song is an intimate reminder for me to rest in God’s promises and to trust Him. It says,

“I make my plans, I try to prosper by the work of my own hand, but I stumble because the truth is that I can’t and I grow weary because it seems the race is never done. I will rest. I will rest in the promises that You have given me… All your goodness and Your mercy follow me.”

Through this album, Molly Reed and Robby Earle speak boldly about the reality of the difficulties of life and the brokenness of our world. At the same time, the album is littered with powerful reminders of the nature of our God and truth from Scripture. It is refreshing and up-lifting. It is hopeful.

It is a harbor and invites listeners to come, however they are. 

Check out Come However You Are in the video below.

This week we will give away 3 copies of City Harbor's new CD to 3 winners. Enter below to win!

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