Are You Focused on the Most Important Things?

Last winter I took a 4-week photography class called Understanding Your DSLR. It covered the fundamentals of taking great pictures. I was thrilled to no only learn how to use the numerous buttons on my camera but to cross an item off on last year’s goals list.

It was strongly suggested that I practiced what I learned before I forgot it.

The instructor suggested I take a multitude of pictures, on different settings, to gain a better understanding of the camera’s ability. One of the many functions I was encouraged to experiment with was auto-focus. There is a button on my camera that allows you choose exactly where you would like your lens to focus. When you look through the lens, you can specify the top, bottom, left, right, or center location within the frame. It greatly improves the quality of your picture when you control what’s most important in your picture.


The problem occurs when you try to take a clear picture of something other than what you’ve previously designated as most important.

When I half press the shutter button, it tells the camera to focus. The lens makes the necessary adjustments needed. If I try to focus on something other than what the camera is trying to focus on, things get funny. The camera starts to fight me. The lens moves back and forth in protest as I try to override the settings. Instead of aligning myself with what the camera is focusing on, I try to trick it into getting the shot I want. 

It wastes time and energy to focus on the wrong thing. The result is likely to be mediocre.


Just like Paul our identity comes from the work that Jesus did on the cross.  He redeemed us with His life and His blood. Having a great education, following our dreams, or helping people in need are all good things. However, when we find that we strive and chase these things so we can get a pat on the back, it’s time to refocus.


Once I refocus, I can have a clear picture of what is important.

I will be taking some time to prayerfully consider the things I have signed on to do. I’ll ask myself, “Does it line up with who God called me to be or am I simply doing this because I think it will give me significance?“ I may need to free up some time to nurture the relationships and responsibilities that I already have before I take on new ones.

How about you? How is your focus? How are you doing with focusing on what’s most important? Any tips?


Kimberly Amici is an enthusiastic and dedicated founding member of the Circles of Faith team. She is known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. Kimberly is a writer and community builder whose desire is for hearts to be healed, minds to be renewed and women to be connected in fellowship just as God intended.

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