Do You Know Worship Leader Phil Wickham?

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Worshipping with Phil Wickham was a highlight of the 2013 Collyde Summit we attended and told you about in June.

On Friday night, after a day full of awesome keynotes, labs, and workshops, we knew the worship concert with Phil Wickham was still ahead. However, both Kimberly and I had agreed earlier we would probably head out before it started. In the end,we decided, why not stay? We were both glad we did.

Worship is good for the soul!

What I loved about Phil Wickham was that he was not interested in just a performance. No, not at all! Phil Wickham was right there worshipping with us. The line between the artist and his audience disappeared. We were engaged together in offering our praise to God through some of the most beautiful worship I’ve ever experienced.

Some of the songs were like ballads, telling the story of the ups and downs, closeness and distance that often marks our walk with God. Some were emotional and soulful praise. And some called us to reflect on who God is and how He appears through the beauty of His creation.

Phil, with just his guitar and a talented sound guy, ushered in the presence of God. There was something very pure about Phil being on stage alone…this made his music so accessible, and his invitation to join him in worship that much more sincere. Most of us were on our feet, singing along the whole time, for about an hour and a half.

Phil has a clear, strong voice. Seamless in terms of pitch, reaching a wide range of notes. His songs are a blend of folk and pop, with some rock mixed in.

Some of the songs I was familiar with. I’ve either heard them on the radio, KLove, or Star 99.1, or sung them in a church service. But other songs were new to me. So I decided to buy one of Phil’s several CDs,  Cannons.

I chose this because it had You’re Beautiful on it…and I knew I could listen to this one over and over again!

Some of the highlights…

Sailing on a Ship - An encouraging selection about how we grow through the storms of life, the music flows—poetic, peaceful, despite the words that acknowledge how much we’re thrown by the choppy waters of life, but “With every storm I face, I find a greater grace.” Sailing is a melodic mix of catchy and haunting.

The Light Will Come - Ethereal, lyrical, lovely harmonies, this song is an invitation to trust that the Light will come. It speaks to the downcast, discouraged, and one who is lacking hope. The song transitions from the light will come to the light has come. Amen!

Beautiful - A rousing worship song. This is one I love to sing along with. It inspires me to start and end my day acknowledging how awesome God our Creator is. Beautiful leads me to appreciate how God is expressed through the majesty and wonder of nature. Favorite lyrics include, “The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes…I see Your power in the moonlit night.”

Here it is performed live with Shane and Shane, whose album we reviewed a few weeks ago.

I’m blasting Phil Wickham’s Cannons in the car…insisting my kids listen to a few of my favorites…and now I’m sharing it with you.

Listening to worship music can lift our spirits, allow us to praise on the go, and make our minds captive to Christ. Happy listening!

Phil’s other albums include:


Heaven & Earth

Phil Wickham

Songs for Christmas - Phil Wickham

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