Memorizing Scriptures from the Bible with Your Kids

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It all started when I sent my kids off to their very first Vacation Bible School.

At the end of the week, they came home with a set of dog tags. Each tag featured a different Scripture they had learned. I could hardly believe it when my then three year old was able to recite more than one Bible verse to me, complete with body movements. “Wow, this is awesome!” I thought, then over the next few weeks I taught my kids a few more Scriptures. 

I was thrilled to share in the experience of my kids learning the Word of God.

Scripture memory is fundamental to our children’s spiritual formation because it:

  • Strengthens their prayer life and enables them to pray God’s Word.

  • Fills their minds with good, such as who they are in Christ and how much they are loved.

  • Creates a foundation of faith. It teaches our kids that they can trust God based on His Word.

  • Grows their personal relationship as they get to know the heart of God.

As important as memorizing Scripture is, it didn’t take long for us to get busy and fall out of the habit.

I found myself trying to control my children’s behavior with reprimands and punishments, sometimes even quoting Scripture. The problem was, I wasn’t even sure I was getting the verses right myself. The kids had never even heard some of these verses I would refer to, and there I was trying to use them for correction.

There is far more to parenting than getting my children to act right.

I was frustrated; getting nowhere in changing my kids’ behavior. It was exhausting constantly correcting them and refereeing fights, trying to keep the peace. The need to learn Scripture and apply its truth and wisdom to our daily lives became apparent. They were missing the foundation necessary to guide their choices according to what the Bible says.

I recognized it was time to be intentional about equipping both my kids and myself with Scripture.

I wanted my children to be motivated out of love and a heart to please God rather than fear of punishment. But how could they make Godly choices when they didn’t know what the Bible said? I put together a plan.

My desire for my children is the same as God’s desire for me.

All the choices I make, the way I treat others, and how I spend my time is motivated by what’s in my heart.  What is in my heart is a by-product of what I read, listen to, and think about. Scripture memory creates an opportunity to meditate on what God says. It draws me into a closer relationship with God and equips me to make choices that please Him. That’s just what I want for me and my kids!

Our family is back on track.

Since the start of the year, I have been sharing on my blog the Scriptures I have been memorizing with my children.  Each month I introduce a new topic, such as obediencekindness, and thankfulness, along with corresponding verses.

 My kids write the passages on index cards and decorate them with stickers, crayons, and markers. Inspired by how helpful these cards have been, I created memory cards for my readers to download and print. The cards are designed to be double-sided. On the front of the card it says, “Read It.” That’s where the memory verse is printed. On the back of the card it says, “Pray It.” There you’ll find the verse turned into a prayer.



If you prefer the convenience of receiving these cards professionally printed, trimmed, and delivered to your mailbox, you can purchase them in my Etsy shop.

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