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The Shanes have done it again. 

Shane Barnard and Shane Everett have become famous for their acoustic-rock based songs, featuring killer harmonies.  They released their eighth full-length record, Bring Your Nothing, on May 14 of this year.  It was uniquely written, born out of the songwriting classes that they teach at Oaks School of Leadership in Red Oak, TX.  Each week, Barnard challenged his students to write a song based on the weekly Bible-based topic. He joined them in their songwriting challenge… the result, Bring Your Nothing.   

This eleven-song compilation was also uniquely recorded. Barnard and Shane Everett welcomed musician friends to a house outside of Dallas where instruments and microphones were placed throughout every room in the house.  They spent seven days together sharing meals, engaging in conversations, and making music. 

That is how music should be made – corporately and creatively!

The album reflects the style of the various musicians, while still remaining true to the Shane & Shane style.  The album’s title track, Bring Your Nothing, boasts a catchy horn line reminiscent of genres such as soul and funk, while That’s How You Forgive is a pop-infused, radio-friendly track, and the opening track called The One You’ll Find resounds with country influence.  Although varied, these songs all contain the perfect harmonies and acoustic instrumentation that you would expect on a Shane & Shane album. 

Musically, the album flows beautifully from one track to the other and can be readily enjoyed in the same manner that it was recorded – corporately, over a meal, and in a fun environment.

The songs are also so lyrically poignant and melodically beautiful because they are written, as mentioned earlier, from Scripture. That’s How You Forgive is a reflection of Psalm 145, as the opening words are quoted from Verse Eight, which says,

“The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.  The Lord is good to all.” 

The hopeful themes of a New Jerusalem mentioned in Revelation 21 and 22 are sung in the track In a Little While. You Loved My Heart to Death is a reminder of the Gospel and how powerful the love of God is towards us.  It says,

“Oh the wrath of God that I deserved with every breath, found upon Him.  And He loved my heart to death.” 

Overall, Bring Your Nothing, is definitely an album worth buying, enjoying, and listening to as the Shanes sing the Word of God. 

If this is the way that their albums will be written and recorded from now on, our ears will continue to resound with the unique and beautiful harmonies of Shane & Shane.

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