The Great Awakening by Leeland - Album Review

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The Great Awakening played through my car speakers on a rainy Monday morning driving to work.  Then again, it continued serenading me on an average Wednesday evening on the way to church.  Additionally, it welcomed the start of the weekend one warm Friday afternoon.

There are few albums that I can listen to at any time of the day and in any mood.  The Great Awakening from Leeland is one such album.

Leeland emerged in 2006 with their debut album, Sound of Melodies , and quickly became known for their worshipful and passionate music while still remaining relatively under-the-radar.  Steering the ship is front man, Leeland Mooring, and together with his siblings, Jack and Shelly, plus drummer Mike Smith, the band writes songs from heartfelt expressions of prayer, praise, and worship.  The Mooring siblings are children of Spirit-filled worship leaders, and as Leeland puts it, “had more hands laid on them than a football.” It is highly evident that the seeds of those prayers grew deep roots that are now producing abundant fruit for us to enjoy.

The Great Awakening is a flagship compilation of such expressions without being entirely a worship album.  

The album is laced with songs that churches can add to Sunday morning set lists, as well as tunes that can be enjoyed every other day throughout the week.  On board are catchy melodies, profound lyrics, brilliant harmonies, rock instrumentation, acoustic subtleties, and even gang vocals, all of which invite the listener to join in song.

What is remarkable about this album is its ability to engage the audience no matter the mood.  Songs like The Great Awakening, the opener and title track, All Over The Earth, I Can See Your Love, and Pages will have the joyful listener belting the words with big smiles.  Others, like I Wonder and I Cry, will elicit responses in the somber listener that are inherent in the songs’ names –reverence and tears.  Still others, like, Chains Hit the Ground, I'm Not Afraid Anymore, and Holy Ghost will force even the stagnant listener to respond exuberantly. Click here to preview the songs. 

Overall, The Great Awakening is arguably one of my favorite albums, even though it is almost two years old.  When I’m not sure what mood I’m in musically, I reach for the pink CD and can always find something to match the vibe in my spirit.

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