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Bethany House, May 2012

By Jennifer Pine

Submerged  is the first Christian fiction book I’ve ever read and I enjoyed it.  I honestly never thought about reading this type of genre because I figured it was going to be too religious. Would the style be more about what we Christians are always doing wrong or would it be a suspense thriller, as promoted. Talk about judging a book by its cover - shame on me.  I’m happy to say, I was wrong.  

I typically like historical, fantasy, and thriller genres.  This book had a bit of each.

Not only is Submerged an easy and enjoyable read, but the characters’ thoughts conveyed godly thinking without compromising credibility. There are references to bible teachings and thoughts of goodness even in the darkest moments. One of the main male characters prays often for the peace and safety of others. Though he does this silently, I found this a powerful reminder that we can do the same in any situation.

The main female character, Bailey Craig, has a littered background of bad decisions from her youth (don’t we all!). She manages to move away from it all…until she is forced to face those demons as an adult by returning to her home state after a family death. When Bailey returns to her high school town, there are some people who won’t let her forget her mistakes. They assume she is the same person she was years ago. This type of interaction forces Bailey to keep an emotional distance from a man she cares deeply for, and he does the same. She feels unworthy of his attention and pure love even though she has absolved herself of her wrong doings and is no longer “that person.”  

Haven’t we all held onto a few negative images of ourselves that need to be shed as we mature?

Through solid writing and vivid descriptions, I learned a great deal about the sport of diving, the character of a scenic Alaskan town, and gained some insight into Russian history. Yes it’s all in there!

Submergedis a page-turner with intrigue, love, and homegrown family values.

Comment and you could Win a FREE copy of Submergedor get a copy today and enjoy Bailey’s journey on maturing in faith and the realization that she is a child of God and therefore lovable despite her past. 

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Jennifer Pine lives in New Jersey and is a "household manager to her husband of 15 years and two kids" – i.e., stay-at-home mom. She is passionate about teaching kids of any age to do good for others and uses the Community Service Committee at the schools as a primary forum. Jennifer tries more to be her children’s parent than their BFF, enabling them to become independent so they will be successful adults.


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