Pure Charity - Giving Has Gotten Easier

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Elise and I first heard about Pure Charity back in October at the Allume conference. It is one of the easiest ways to fund nonprofit projects you care about. You can even earn rewards back when you give to those in need. The best part…It’s free!

Your giving power grows simple by making everyday purchases and sharing promotions with friends. 

Here is how it works:

  1. You set up a personal giving fund, which is like a charity savings account online. You can customize your charitable donation all in one place. You are able to use a debit or credit card to load this fund. That money is available for you to grant out to projects you’re passionate about. It is also immediately tax deductible.
  2. Even if you don’t have money to donate, you can give by shopping through a Pure Charity rewards network with everyday purchases you already make: groceries, items for baby, clothing, travel, and pet supplies. This happened in two ways. Each retailer has a set % they have committed to donating to Pure Charity when you make purchases. You can link your debit/credit card when signing up for a giving fund. This tells the retailer where their money will be going - into your Pure Charity giving fund. Also your on-line purchases can be tracked through a browser plug-in that can be installed on your computer.
  3. Share your favorite projects or promotions with your friends so
they can sign up for Pure Charity too. You receive a percentage of every purchase
they make in the Rewards Network also.

What’s so neat about Pure Charity is the way you can track the progress of the projects you are giving to in your own little “charity portfolio.”

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This is great idea and helpful for someone like me who wants to give more, but is not sure where to start.  It takes the guesswork out of where and how to give. Choosing a charity is easy. A list of projects can be found here. Each one falls into one of the following categories: opportunity, water, freedom, health, food, or relief. The information for each project includes location, funding goals and even lives impacted. Once you set up your account and determine your funds allocation, you can rest assured that you are supporting the causes you care about the most on an ongoing basis.

Check out Pure Charity’s website to find out more. Also check out their blog and learn about the exciting new partnerships they are forming to make a real impact on those in need.


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