Episode 56 Lessons We've Learned this Summer


At the end of last season, we did an episode called Summer Dos and Don’ts. The big idea behind it was to help you and ourselves create realistic expectations for summer. Now we’re back to kick off season 3 with this follow up episode to see how each one of us did and discuss what worked and didn’t work for us over the last few months. Plus we’ll share a few of the things we learned about ourselves along the way.

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Episode 46 Summer Dos and Don'ts

This week’s Coaching Challenge:

Take some time to assess your summer! Write down your thoughts, make a list or a mental note.

  1. What was your win this summer? Did you set out to accomplish something or enjoy summer in a particular way and meet your goal?
  2. What was a loss this summer...what didn’t quite work out the way you would’ve liked? What would you like to change for next summer?
  3. What did you learn about yourself this summer?



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