Summer Slice - More on Values

Over the last year, we have talked a lot about values. In episode 40 we shared with you simple steps that will help you discover your core values. This is a great start in living an intentional life. however, just knowing your values is not enough to make them show up in your everyday. You can say you stand for something, but unless those values are translated into behaviors, you will go about your days continuing with habits that are familiar and comfortable. In episode 48 we discussed how to turn your values into practices that are actionable, repeatable, observable, and measurable.

Here we are talking about how similar practices can be rooted in different values.

Your values are the why of how you live and what you do. so it makes sense that many of the decisions we make as an individual and a family are determined by those principles. However, sometimes we say yes to the wrong things when we don’t consider our values or protect the margin that is critical to a balanced life. Here’s Elise sharing her experience with it.

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