Episode 011 Kids and Money

Join Kimberly Amici, Elise Daly Parker, and Kimberly Coyle as they talk today about Kids and Money. Kids learn about math, science, and language in addition to many other subjects. However, very little emphasis is put on money management. Even if basic skills are taught, topics such as living a life that allows you to be generous, how to save, and spending less than you earn are rarely covered. So how do we teach the next generation, specifically our kids, to have a healthy perspective of money and how to use it.  

Mentioned in the Show:

According to Dave Ramsey’s website:

In 2007, 60% of teens knew how to balance a checkbook. In 2011, only 43%.

40% of 13-22 year olds expect to receive an inheritance. Only 16% of parents said they think they can provide one.

75% of teens say that learning more about money management, including budgeting, savings and investing, is one of their top priorities.






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What what your first experience making money, your first job?

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