Writing Tips

1. KISS Principle: Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Try to convey only one main message. Try writing one sentence that boils down your whole story. This sentence should guide your story (and may be your opener!).

2. Every story has a Beginning, Middle, and End—An intro, the body where you “flesh out” your point into details, and a conclusion…even though, in this case, you may want to end your article with a question for the readers’ thoughts/responses.

3. Write in your voice. Everyone has a unique voice. That’s part of what makes your story interesting. If you have trouble establishing your voice, you might want to try writing your article in letter form to someone you trust and feel very comfortable with. Then don’t send the letter, just edit a bit to turn this into your article. 

4. Try an outline to clarify your thoughts. Different approaches work for different people. Organizing your article into distinct parts may make writing a matter of filling in the blanks.

5. Read your article aloud! Whether to yourself or another, you’ll hear things out loud that you might miss reading to yourself silently.

6. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. While your article will be edited once it’s received by Circles of Faith, please make sure it’s as close to final as possible.

Here are some helpful links on writing an online article. There’s one on the length of a blog too.

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