Five Decades at the Potter’s Wheel

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2013 marks my 50th year of life. I am so excited. I always take note of entering into new decades; there is something very special about that to me.

Before New Year’s and in preparation for this golden year, I wanted to do some “decluttering” and reorganizing, so I’d be unencumbered by the stuff that just builds up over time. I’ve done this over the years, but this time was different.

In the midst of throwing out old things that were no longer needed and organizing things, I sat for a while, pouring over my memories of decades past, through pictures, letters, and journals. As I looked back over my life (and this is truly why I love getting older), I was simply amazed by how God, the Potter, so carefully has been molding me on His wheel as the years turned.

Molded for Empathy

In the first decade, He shaped my empathy for others. Only God could use my chaotic childhood experiences that were soaked in a potent, toxic mix of addiction and mental illness, to dig a deep well of empathy within me. It’s a well that I have drawn on time and time again to serve others in their time of need.

Molded for Purpose

In my teens, He shaped my determination and perseverance to stay the course and get to the goal. By the grace of God, I escaped some of the vestiges of family dysfunction, and bypassed destructive peer pressure because His firm hand kept pushing me toward purpose.

Molded for His Will

In my 20s and 30s, He walked me through some dark valleys. I believe His hand was upon me. I also know He had to pry open my hand, so I’d relinquish my own will for His will for my life.

Through the deaths of both my parents, my husband’s devastating departure, and my own near death, He added levels of faith and belief that I didn’t know were possible. I can truly say with assurance that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

Molded for Sacrifice

In my 40s He honed my courage to use my gifts and my voice to address leaders and speak the truth and the courage to stay true and COMMITTED to fulfilling my unique calling, in season and out of season. He gave me a fuller understanding of Romans 12:1 (should use quote), what it means to be a living sacrifice.

And now, here I am, entering my 50th year and God continues to mold me. His work is not close to being finished, but I can honestly tell you that He’s given me what I need to go to the places He calls me to go to, to take the risks He asks me to take, to stay committed to the tasks He assigns…no matter what. And to truly follow Jesus…no matter what. In 50 years, I’ve learned to follow Jesus—THAT IS TRULY LIVING.

On New Year’s I looked back over my life, and reflected on how the Master Potter has taken such great care to prepare His disciple. I just have to give Him praise.

As you look back, how has the Master Potter taken care of you over the years? Let us know HERE.

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For the past 25 years Karen Proctor has defined herself by two words, Chelsea’s mom. One of her greatest joys in life is to be her mother and to have a role in helping her to blossom as a grown up human. She spent many years as a senior public affairs/social responsibility executive in the radio, cable television, sports and publishing industries. Her ministry experience includes leading youth ministry for the past 14 years at her local church. She heart's desire in life is provide people with opportunities to learn and grow. 

Karen is founder of Pala Miracle and publisher of She uses that space to focus on living a fresh life; one that is fully about serving God and serving others. “In His service” is her place of real joy.

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