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Kimberly Amici

Kimberly is known for her creativity, strong faith, and commitment to living life with purpose and passion. Her desire is to impact the next generation through the truth of God’s Word and relationship. Kimberly builds community among women both online and in person through live events. She is also an entrepreneur, designer, and co-host of the Slice of Life podcast. Kimberly lives with her husband Carl and their three children in the NYC suburbs.

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Elise Daly Parker

Elise has been married for 28 years and is mom to four mostly grown girls. She is a writer, editor, writing coach, and blogger. She believes we all have stories that matter--big life bios and small meaningful moments. Elise believes our stories are a reflection of God’s glory and are meant to be shared. They have the power to inform, reform, and transform. She loves God, family, friends...and really likes travel!

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Kimberly Coyle

Kimberly is a writer, mother, and gypsy at heart. She tells stories of everyday life while raising a family, and shares her faith on her blog. She writes from the suburbs of New Jersey, where she is learning how to put down roots that stretch further than the nearest airport. 

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Noelle Rhodes

Noelle is married to her best friend, Troy, and mama to two of the most hilarious human beings to exist: Silas and Olive Pearl. She and her family reside in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as missionaries. When she is not wrangling her children or beating her husband in a game of Scrabble, you would probably find her doing laundry. 

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